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Self-Contained, 2019

1080 FHD

02:01 Loop

Sound by Arca


Self-Contained is a two-minute 3D animation inspired by (Re)defining the Gendered Body in Cyberspace: The Virtual Reality Film written by Rocio Carrasco.

Carrasco in her article argues for “a material construction of reality in which subjectivity and body are decentred as distinct units” and also a reconfigured body that “breaks away from conventionalisms and is far from being the organic repository of a single consciousness”.


By using the scanner as a camera and taking 3D “selfies” towards a mirror, the artist thinks of a 3D scan as a post-corporeal re-embodiment of the physical being and tries to see beyond the dichotomy of materiality vs. virtuality, embodiment vs. disembodiment.

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